How It Works

1. Choose your subscription level- you can choose anything from one dream to the gift of dreams for a year!

2. Each month a box will arrive with 4-6 activities and a mini-magazine to introduce a new pathway to dreamers.

3. For each box you purchase, a box will also go to a child in a dream desert. You can plant two dreams with one seed and impact the youth of tomorrow!

What's In Each Box?

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Each box contains 4-6 activities complete with all supplies, a mini-magazine and interview of someone in the field! For example, if a box is exploring Art History it might include canvases, paints, museum curation activities, lessons on Van Gogh and Monet and instructions on different styles of art throughout history. The sky's the limit for a Dream Delivered - join now to engage the dreamer you love in imaginative options each month!